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Welcome to the Liverpool Wah Sing Chinese Community Centre

The Wah Sing Chinese Community Centre is a registered charity organisation serving the Chinese Community living in the Merseyside area by providing social, cultural and educational activities.

The centre was formed on 5th September 1965 and it has been based at 149 Duke Street, in the Chinatown Area of Liverpool, since its foundation.
The Wah Sing Chinese Community Centre is a well-respected and established organisation in Liverpool with strong links to other major Chinese communities in the UK and Europe.
Key objectives include:

  • promoting Chinese arts and culture;
  • providing community education in Chinese languages;
  • promoting opportunities for young Chinese in training and education;
  • providing social, economic and environment services to Chinese and other sectors of the community living in the Merseyside area.

The Community Centre provides a wide range of educational and leisure activities. These include classes in Chinese language and traditional Chinese singing, music and dance.

There are approximately 280 children between the ages 5 and 16 years old attending the Chinese language classes on a weekly basis. We have limited places for non-Chinese adult students learning conversational Mandarin.

A similar number of adults make use of the community centre on a regyular basis for a range of leisure activities such as Chinese opera, line dance & table tennis, snooker, etc.

The Centre also hosts large functions and events to celebrate cultural festivals and provides meeting facilities for other external groups.